Final Project Part 1-Planning a Portfolio Website (or CV)

I finally finished all of the coding challenges and free-form projects at the end of the HTML/CSS course on Codecademy. The final project is to create our own portfolio website outside of the Codecademy learning environment. Which means that I spent part of my morning setting up Visual Studio Code and figuring out how to use it. Codecademy recommends using Sublime Text, but my husband, who is a back-end software developer, recommended that I use Visual Studio because it’s more flexible and there are a large number of extensions you can add to customize your coding environment. It also has something called “Zen Mode” where you can block out any on-screen distractions. Major bonus– it’s free!

Then I moved on to general planning. What do I want the website to accomplish? How should it look? What elements do I want to include? I’ve decided to make it into a website-resume where potential clients or employers can learn about me and my work. As I go through the rest of my courses, I’ll keep adding to it. I drew out a wireframe plan, hunted down some stock photos, and decided on a color scheme (using some of the tools on the Resources page).

I’m excited to get started on this 🙂


When I signed up on Codecademy, they recommended I complete the “Full Stack Developer” learning path. First up is HTML and CSS. I started the course a couple of weeks ago, and have finished the lessons and quizzes. I’m currently working on what they call “free-form projects” where I’m given code to edit with the end goal of replicating a given webpage. So much of what I’ve done working on these projects is based in Bootstrap, so I’ve put some helpful links on the Resources page (for future reference).

That said, I am a little frustrated with my own timing– the HTML/CSS course is being discontinued this summer and replaced with an HTML5/CSS3 course, which means I will have to re-do everything later. Also, Bootstrap 4 is on the way. At least I will be well-versed in web development!