Final Project Part 1-Planning a Portfolio Website (or CV)

I finally finished all of the coding challenges and free-form projects at the end of the HTML/CSS course on Codecademy. The final project is to create our own portfolio website outside of the Codecademy learning environment. Which means that I spent part of my morning setting up Visual Studio Code and figuring out how to use it. Codecademy recommends using Sublime Text, but my husband, who is a back-end software developer, recommended that I use Visual Studio because it’s more flexible and there are a large number of extensions you can add to customize your coding environment. It also has something called “Zen Mode” where you can block out any on-screen distractions. Major bonus– it’s free!

Then I moved on to general planning. What do I want the website to accomplish? How should it look? What elements do I want to include? I’ve decided to make it into a website-resume where potential clients or employers can learn about me and my work. As I go through the rest of my courses, I’ll keep adding to it. I drew out a wireframe plan, hunted down some stock photos, and decided on a color scheme (using some of the tools on the Resources page).

I’m excited to get started on this 🙂

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